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Ready for multiple channels - Cordial DSUB cable

CORDIAL CCFD DFT DMT Press PhotoFor reasons of space, the latest generation of slim, only 1 RU multi-channel AD/DA converters feature up to 8 DSUB connectors to connect analog in- and outputs. In this case of little mechanical strain (during studio operations and for internal wiring of converter racks you hardly ever have to replug or reconnect) users prefer price-optimized cables.
In line with this trend, CORDIAL now offers the new, budget-friendly CCFD-DSUB breakout cable from its intro series for 8 in- and outputs via XLR male or female connectors.
Available lengths: 1.5 / 3 / 5 metres

Switch to improved Neutrik powerCON connectors

CPH DMX 1-5 PWR 1  Katalog rechts NL G v02All affected Cordial Powercon- and Hybrid cables were switched to the new Neutrik powerCONs.
They are characterized by an improved kink protection due to a two-component bushing.
Additionally a new bushing design avoids unintended opening. Please take a look:

Winning combination: power supply and DMX

CORDIAL press photo CPH Hybrid v03The goal was to save as much costly setting up time as possible. Accordingly, the German cable manufacturer CORDIAL now presents the new CPH hybrid cable.
CPH cables combine a power supply with Neutrik powerCON Power-In/Power-Out and a DMX cable with 3- or 5-pole Neutrik XLR male/female connectors. CORDIAL opted for a precise 110 ohms impedance cable making the CPHs the superior choice for a looped through connection of, for example, DMX-controlled flood spotlights, LED walls and dimmer packs.
Available lengths: 1.5/3/5 and 10 metres
3-pol. = CPH_DMX 1 PWR 1
5-pol. = CPH_DMX 1-5 PWR 1

BNC video cable

Based on its new High Definition KOAX video cable, the German cable manufacturer has now introduced a complete product range of ready-made cables for broadcasters, PA companies and event businesses.
The series comprises patch cables ranging from 0.3 to 10 metres in length, mobile cables from 1 to 25 metres and a reelable version available in lengths of 50/75/100 metres. To minimize losses in case of long cable runs the whole series features varying cable types customized for differing applications as well as special BNC connectors developed in cooperation with NEUTRIK. In addition to that NEUTRIK also developed special crimping tools to fasten the connectors. These optimized configurations and assembly methods guarantee a stable wave impedance thus ensuring a reliable high-grade transmission quality.
All cables of the CVP-BB-HD series are available equipped with an 8 cm loose end heat shrink tube at either end so that users can attach individual logos, color codings and labels or captions and then fix everything using hot air tools.


CORDIAL press photo CCAT5E RAVENNATo account for the growing importance of the AES67 compatible audio network standard RAVENNA, CORDIAL is introducing a flexible and, at the same time, heavy duty CAT5E bulk cable clad in a robust RAVENNA-green PUR jacket.
On the one hand, our distinct choice of colour facilitates keeping track of the signal paths in a RAVENNA network, and, on the other, the sophisticated technical design of the cable minimizes packet losses and bit errors. Reliable and highly durable data transfer cables like ours are especially sought after for events that require the use of lots of mobile equipment.

Cordial Powercon TRUE 1 cable - especially suitable for outdoor use

CORDIAL press photo TRUE 1
The German cable manufacturer CORDIAL introduces the novel TRUE 1 series of heavy duty power mains cables, just right for the often rain-swept festival season in Germany. This series features NEUTRIK powerCON TRUE 1 connectors, which are lockable, watertight (IP65), can carry loads of up to 16 ampere at 230 volts and can even be plugged in under load or live.
These particularly sturdy connectors also feature the extremely robust rubber sheath TITANEX, designed to cope with humidity and other environmental impact as well as withstand heavy mechanical strain.
TRUE 1 power supply cables are available in different versions: TRUE 1 male cable connector to TRUE 1 female cable connector and Schuko to TRUE 1 male cable connector in respectively 1.5, 3, 5 and 10 metres lengths.

White Twins - Cordial twin cables SNOW

CORDIAL press photo Twin Cable SnowEven in state-of-the-art studio environments unbalanced connection cables are essential because keyboards, CD/DVD players, sound modules and sound effect devices often feature unbalanced stereo in- and outputs.
From now on we can offer style-conscious musicians, studio owners and HIFI enthusiasts trendy white models of the tried-and-tested CORDIAL twin cables in five different versions.
For out ready-made cable range we exclusively utilize metal REAN connectors featuring kink protection and gold-plated contact areas and, in addition, robust metal clamps (length adjustable) to guarantee a secure locking of the split point.
Available version:
2x phone plug to 2x phone plug white/red, 2x phone plug to 2x RCA/Cinch white/red, 2x RCA/Cinch to 2x RCA/Cinch white/red, 2x RCA/Cinch to 2x XLR male white/red, 2x RCA/Cinch to 2x XLR female white/red

Far reaching - Cordial HD KOAX

Copper-based coaxial cables have always been used to transmit signals in the field of broadcasting over extremely long distances and are still used today for the transmissionCORDIAL press photo HD KOAX of digital video signals (as the use of fibreglass cables would simply be too costly).
The German cable manufacturer CORDIAL introduces two new types of HD coaxial cables suited for fixed installations and mobile use. The two cables feature sturdy braided shields with integrated two-sided aluminum clad polyester foil and, depending on different areas of application, utilize a flame-retardant FRNC jacket and solid inner core respectively a braided inner core and a flexible PVC jacket. Due to complying exactly with the stipulated impedance standards the CVM 08-32 HD-FLEX, for example, achieves distances of up to 245 metres, the fixed installation cable CVI 10-48 HD FRNC even up to 360 metres.