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Trendy white - Cordial Y-Adaptercables SNOW

CORDIAL press photo Y Split SnowFollowing the seemingly unstoppable trend towards white designs CORDIAL launched its new snow-white Y-adaptercable, which enables you to separate left and right signal components in a sophisticated and safe way. Studios, discotheques, offices and living rooms feature more and more white electronic equipment like computers, smartphones, AV receivers and speakers to create a modern and stylish ambience. Consequently, the German cable manufacturer CORDIAL has expanded its product range by four different types of high-class white Y adapter cables.
All four utilize metal REAN connectors and jacks and feature kink protection and gold-plated contact areas. The Y-piece was exclusively designed for CORDIAL and guarantees extra sturdy strain relief and kink protection at the most sensitive segment of the cable.

Available version:
Stereo mini plug to 2x RCA ws/rt, stereo mini plug to 2x XLR male ws/rt, stereo mini plug to 2x mono plug ws/rt, stereo mini plug to 2x mono plug ws/rt

Safety first – Cordial Speakon cables for guitar and bass players

CORDIAL press foto CPL LL 2-215An increasing number of manufacturers have equipped their amp heads with NEUTRIK Speakon sockets – and with good reason: up till now the usual jack plugs connections between head and cab have been prone to loose connections and the amp is short-circuited for a short time when you connect the jack plug. Moreover, according to CE standards high voltages of more than 60 volts should not be transmitted in case of uncovered contact areas. Speakon cables are quite different: The connector is safely interlocked, can’t slip out and features much larger and touch-safe contact areas and can be plugged in short-circuit protected. That is why the German cable manufacturer CORDIAL has added a 1 metre Speakon-Speakon cable to its product range.

Fit for Gigabit – Cordial CCAT 7

CORDIAL press foto CCAT 7Digital audio networks e.g. Audinate DANTE transport up to 500 audio channels in high resolution via gigabit Ethernet. Accordingly, this transmission requires high standards of the stage and reeled cables involved. CORDIAL now presents its new data cable CCAT 7, complying with the modern CAT 7a requirements, which even meets the future 10 Gbit standard. The CCAT 7 cable's high transmission quality and its extraordinary interference shielding characteristics are achieved by the use of separate foil screening of all 4 core pairs and an additional overall shield. All this is complemented by a really sturdy PUR jacket and a NEUTRIK etherCON connector. The CCAT 7 cable is available in standard lengths of 5, 10, 15 and 20 metres, reeled in lengths of 25 – 100 metres (various versions).